The Public Central Library ?Typaldou-Iakovatou Museum of Lixouri, known as Iakovateios Library, is housed in the Typaldou-Iakovatoufamily?s two-storey mansion, which was built in 1866 and renovated in 1984,but was seriously ?hit? by the earthquakes in 2014.  It is a characteristic sample of neo-classical architecture of the mid-19th century, while the surrounding area, an inseparable part, contributes to the building?s projection.  The ceilings of the interior are decorated with drawings worthy of admiration.  The Ministry of Civilization declared it a work of art in 1968.

The mansion was built by the brothers Kostandino (1795-1867), Nikolao (1801-1884), Charalambo (1810-1885) and George (1814-1882), who were the sons of AloisioTypaldo-Iakovato and of Catherine, nee Krasa.  Aloisio?s family is part of the Typaldo family tree, which traces back in Kefalonia to 1408.  The brothers Typaldo-Iakovato were distinguished for their successes in the literary, scientific and political life of their time.  Because of their thirst of learning, their diligence, bibliography and their collective disposition, a significant number of books, ancient items and  religious icons have been collected, which, together with the furniture and family portraits, compose the foundation for the creation of a private family museum and one of the richest private libraries of the Ionian Islands.

The Typaldou-Iakovatou mansion was passed on to the sole descendant and heir of the family, Catherine Iakovatou-Toul, whose children, honouring their mother?s wish, donated the building along with all its contents to the Greek State under the number 24351/6-7-1963 deed of donation, on the condition that a Library/Museum be housed in it.

Her wish was granted and under the 28-8-1963 common decision of the Ministry of Education and Religion and the Ministry of Economics, a library was founded in Lixouri under the name ?Public Central Library-Museum Typaldou-Iakovatou?, which is subject to the Ministry of Education and Religion and operates as a Legal Entity of Public Law.

The ground floor of the building houses Lixouri?s Public Central Library, which consists of approximately 30,000 volumes of books and magazines that have been published from the 16th century to the present, many of which are rare and difficult to find and cover a wide range of topics, both scientific and entertaining.  The Library?s collection is constantly enriched with modern material.  A Museum operates on the first floor where heirlooms of the Typaldou-Iakovatou family are displayed and archives with very interesting material of the same family are preserved.

During  this period the building is not accessible because of  the earthquakes in 2014.