The Committee of Inspection (consisting of five members with regular and supplementary members) is appointed by the Ministry of Education and has a three-year term.  Today?s formation, for the three-year period from July 2015 to July 2018 is the following:


President:  Petratos, Petros, Philologist, History Professor

Supplementary:  Elisabeth  Kourouklis , graduate of French Literature.


Vice-President:  Faraklos, Gerasimos, Philologist,  Professor of Classical Literature

Supplementary:  Galanos, Gerasimos, Elementary School Teacher


Member:  Father Sfaelos, Gerasimos

Supplementary:  Father Fragiskatos, Ioannis


Member:  Aravadinos, Ioannis, private employee

Supplementary:  Kaminari, Maria, Accountant


Member:  Messaris, Dimitrios, Architect-Engineer, special advisor to the Mayor of Kefalonia

Supplementary:  Marketos, Dimitrios, Taxi driver, President of the Municipality of Lixouri